Jess and Jess' wedding
Jess Andrew & their dog Elvis
Photos of guests having fun

Our story

Hi! We're Andrew and Jess, and we made Tie the Table for our own wedding.

The idea came from us trying to do our best at saving money on our wedding, but at the same time, we really wanted to provide a great guest experience that didn't feel cheap or tacky. We wanted to make sure that our guests were comfortable and happy, and importantly that they could easily find their seats easily.

After the dust settled from our wedding (which was an amazing day and so much fun!), thought we should share what we made with others that might have the same issues as us. Realizing people could use it for more than just Weddings, we decided to make it available for any event that needs a seating plan.

Thank you for visiting Tie the Table and seeing what we have to offer. We hope you find it as useful as we did and best of luck with your event!

- Andrew & Jess, Founders

P.S. If you have any feedback at all, we'd love to hear from you. You can contact us by emailing

About MappedBy Inc

Andrew McGrath & Jess Kidd are the founders of MappedBy family of products. MappedBy is a small company based in Toronto Canada that makes useful things for people and businesses.

Our other products include:

    The easiest way to create a modern seating chart for any event.
    Real estate marketing materials for agents and brokers.
    Detailed information about any address to help buyers and sellers of real estate make informed decisions.
    Helping owners of rural properties in Ontario produce maps of their properties.

Our key values

  • Your success is our success
  • Your brand must shine
  • Our support stands out
  • We are always be improving
  • We are always listening
  • Honesty is the only policy